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Therapy Services

Private Practice

Dr. Bergin’s private practice provides services for adults, children, couples and families who desire assistance from a reputable professional. Counseling sessions typically take place at her office, but home visits can also be arranged for those with special circumstances. She also accepts most major insurances.

Therapy for Adults

Therapy for Children

Therapy for Couples
(Gottman and Prepare & Enrich Certified)

Therapy for Families

Equine Assist Therapy

Animal Assist Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

Play Therapy

Trauma / Attachment

Tele-Therapy: Remote Video & Phone Sessions

Have your therapy session from the comfort of your own home
with a video or phone conference call. Available on Skype,
Facetime, WhatsApp, and other mobile apps.
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Treatment Specializations

Marital Conflicts

Divorce / Separation

Grief & Loss

Autism / Aspergers / ADHD

Parenting Issues

Depression & Anxiety

Substance Abuse & Recovery

Child Attachment

Pre-Adolescent &
Adolescent Issues


Sexual Challenges /

Also Offering

Dr. Bergin also offers the folowing types of therapy and counseling

Group Counseling

She is also available for group counseling and special speaking engagements. Every effort will be made to accommodate the request for a group session and location.
Offering: Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Parenting, Blended Families, Spiritual Issues and LGBTQ.


Dr. Bergin also hosts several seminars a year at her office. She teaches on a variety of topics including parenting skills, pre-marital and post-marital issues, healthy sexual relationships, stress management, and families of addiction, and much more!

Program Consultations

Are you a program manager, pastor or group leader experiencing frustration due to a high level of inefficiency, disorganization or conflict within your group or church ministers/staff? Dr. Bergin has many years of experience in dealing with program operations and has successfully established and re-organized several programs used by the County of San Bernardino. She is available for consultations and/or assessments for your program.

Please feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment.

You can call me at 951-684-6684 or request an appointment online.

My desire is to teach people how to effectively listen and openly communicate, with the ultimate goal of achieving a safe and healthy family environment where all members have a voice and heart to listen.